Tow Tractors

Our Tow Tractors – We are able to meet your needs no matter what you require; we have much experience in all aspects of heavy towing. We specialize in Rig Moves in or out of steep locations, we have towed pipeline trucks while stringing pipe up steep pipeline right of ways. If you need a tractor to plow seismic line with have experience with that also, with GPS in tractors where required. When you need access roads opened up that are snowed in then a tractor is a good choice, we can move snow faster than a crawler dozer. We also have a grader for this purpose as well. Transportation of our tractor is never a problem as we have access to a truck and low bed anytime! Tractors are equipped with 6 way hydraulic dozer, hydraulic winches, forestry tires and chains, and Espar engine heaters.


We can do most snow removal and road maintenance fast and effectively without incurring any trucking bills in the process, we will do what ever the customer requires. Grader are equipped with Snow wing; Front mounted dozer, and ice blades

Sand Truck

5500 Dodge with 4yrd sander spreader box, ideal for lease sites plant locations and local roads.

Tank Truck

38 cube lined code 407 tank, for fresh water, flow back, spreader bar attachement for watering roads.


Buckets, Blades, Pallet Fork, 3000 lb lift capacity, for snow removal and gravel work in and around facilities.

Dodge 5500 Flat Deck, 30′ Goose Neck and 20′ Flat Deck

Ready for Hotshots

Pilot Cars

Pilot cars to meet your needs for drilling rig moves, or just mobilization of heavy equipment. We are prepared to go anytime.

We provide services to Northeastern British Columbia and Northwestern Alberta, anywhere, anytime.

Our Rates are Competitive! Give Chris a call 250-219-0787